Looking Back on Five Seasons of Bones.

“Bones” first burst onto our screens in the USA on September thirteenth, 2005 and acquainted us with the cast of convincing characters including a primary couple of Dr. Moderation “Bones” Brennan and FBI specialist Seeley Booth. More than five seasons now, the topic of when or if Bones and Booth eventually make some breakthrough impractically […]

What will the future hold for Emily Deschanel after Bones?

The Bones television series was one of a kind crime drama that showed how forensic pathology played a very important role in solving crime when all that remained to investigate was the human remains. Bones as a series surely was one that was easy going yet bringing out some really crude truth that exists out […]

About Bones Fans

There are so many very good television shows around at the moment, that most of them tend to get all jumbled in together, rather than getting to stand out on their own, as many of them deserve. One of the best shows around at the moment would have to be the hit series Bones, which […]