What will the future hold for Emily Deschanel after Bones?

The Bones television series was one of a kind crime drama that showed how forensic pathology played a very important role in solving crime when all that remained to investigate was the human remains. Bones as a series surely was one that was easy going yet bringing out some really crude truth that exists out there.

Much of the series’ success lies in the chemistry between the two main characters and that, in turn, is in no small part due to the abilities of the actors. Emily Deschanel was not a well-known face or name to the TV world but had appeared in many films.

Ms. Deschanel plays Temperance Brennan eminently, as a committed measurable anthropologist, while her character says things that show an absence of social etiquette, yet she shows a human side especially in her relationship with Booth.

Many actresses would not be able to carry that off, but Ms. Deschanel makes the character very believable. However, before you begin crying about saying farewell to Booth and Brennan, Fox guaranteed on Thursday that the last season would be enormously fulfilling for the fans.

Bones has been a part of the fabric of our system and studio for over ten years, and amid that time it has pulled in a standout among the most gave fan bases we’ve ever seen,” said Fox CEOs Dana Walden and Gary Newman in an announcement.

Bones is currently in its 11th season and will return for a 12th after which it is expected that we will all have to say farewell to our favourite characters.

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